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DevinitalTLk Contest Entry by lolpeaceoutlol DevinitalTLk Contest Entry by lolpeaceoutlol
So yep a contest entry for :icondevinital-tlk:'s contest. Here's the journal if you want to enter! [link]
Anyways here's the story behind this picture. Kiara and Kovu had been playing in the Pride Lands not long after their first meeting. Although it was long enough to where Kovu had grown a little bit of chest mane. Kiara knew that Zazu would come soon to check up on her, but wasn't paying attention as time flew by with her friend. Kiara heard the squawking of a bird. She froze and both Kiara and Kovu ran to the pridelands border. They were at a cliff, and at the bottom was water. That wouldn't be so bad if the water wasn't so infested with crocodiles.
Kiara looked at Kovu "Are you sure you can make it? We almost got eaten the first time I ventured over to the Outlands" Kiara said sorrowfully. She remembered the day like it was just yesterday.
Kovu nodded yes, plus what were they to do if he said he couldn't? They couldn't just tell Zazu to leave them alone and not tell King Simba. Kovu looked dreadfully at the water below him. He skidded down, and Kiara hearing her name took off back to the rock where she had been staying. She had to give Zazu the old "I got distracted by a butterfly" story. Luckily, today was not Kovu's day to die and he made it back to the Outlands safely.
Today he had brought no food, because of the short notice. Kovu was scared of Zira, but what was she going to do? Kill him. She couldn't he was going to kill Simba one day...
Kiara/Kovu (c) Disney
Art (c) me
Devinital-TLK Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Student General Artist
SWEETNESS! I like the picture but doubly love the little story that goes with it.
lolpeaceoutlol Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :D
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