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August 1, 2012
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Nightpack Page 8 by lolpeaceoutlol Nightpack Page 8 by lolpeaceoutlol
Yep pretty self explanitory. They all go to bed. But wait what's that? Damon's still awake.... Aww look at Joyel with Nightmare <3
Sorry it's been so long I know! Your next pae will be up soon.

Joyel and Toby (c) :iconlolpeaceoutlol:
Damon and Nightmare (c) :icondaricafan101:
Wolf's Rain RP (c) :iconlolpeaceoutlol: and :icondaricafan101:
Wolf's Rain (c) BONES


About the characters:
A small grey pup. A diamond on her forehead and a diamond on her thigs. Blue eyes. Is extremly skinny, but can run very fast espically for her age, but has poor stamina. Joyel isn't very intellegent and is accident prone. She treats Nightmare like Nightmare was her mother. Doesn't wanted to be treated like a pup, but she's too uncareful to not be.
A brown wolf, with a dark brown underbelly, paws, chest under tail, and a white snout. A very dark brown eye. Toby is a smart and strong wolf. He really likes the idea of Paradise and that's his goal in life to reach Paradise. He is incredbly protectice of Nightmare, because all though he doesn't realize it he has a small crush on Nightmare. A very head strong wolf who is incredbly loyal to the pack.
A white wolf with a dark brown stripe going down her neck and back with a brown eye. Nightmare is often called 'Young Nightmare' by her enemies for an unknown reason. Nightmare is very secretive, and extremly protective of Joyel. She's known Damon since the beginning. She is usually really harsh on Damon and nicer to Toby. A female that hates being stero-typed against.
A pure black wolf with bright green eyes. He treats Nightmare like a great friend. They had grown up together. Damon is a loyal pack member that hates being left out, but unfortantly is often along side Joyel. Is often yelled at by Nightmare and he really hates that. A sneaky wolf.
Unknown Wolf: He stands almost 6'5. He has short hair white/black hair. He has black jeans on, just a white zip up sweat shirtHe weres gray shoes. His eyes are light gray. As a wolf he is white,gray and black. His head is white,his underbelly is gray and the rest is black. inside his ears are white
SexyMadHouse Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
Just a ? Did you try to make Damons eyes glow. If so. awesome!
lolpeaceoutlol Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes i did, i tried to make Toby's eyes glow to, bu it didn't work out so well.
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